Importance Of Customer Service In E-Commerce.

It’s fancy to own an online store but if you ever ignore your customers, then your store will never be worthy enough. Customer service is a key feature for the success of every online store. It’s important to understand that without customers your store is nothing. You need them more than they need you, at least until you have become an established brand.

A few stats might make you understand this:

  • 78% of customers abandon the cart because of negative customer service.
  • 83% of online shoppers prefer customer support to complete their payments.
  • 45% share their negative experiences via social media.
  • 89% of buyers stopped online purchases due to negative customer experiences.
  • Attracting a new customer is 7 times expensive than retaining an existing customer.
  • It takes at least 12 positive reviews to compensate 1 negative review.
  • Bad experiences spread twice faster than positive experiences.

Why is customer service important?

To Retain Your Customers.

If you need your customers to come back then you need to build and maintain a good relationship with them. Providing a good customer experience makes people trust your store and therefore they can purchase from you, tension-free.

With a lot of competitors out there, you cannot afford to lose your customers especially in the early stages of your business. So keep them close with exceptional customer services to make sure that they will not leave your service for different products.

To Gather Feedbacks and Reviews.

Maintaining a good relationship with your audience helps you gather feedback from them. Feedback, positive and negative is equally priceless. While positive feedback boosts your sales, negative feedback helps you improve your product quality. Customer feedback is always the best way to know about your products as they are in no way biased. Hence you get an honest review of the quality of your products.

Nowadays, people buy more products based on product reviews. People prefer products that have more positive reviews. So reviews itself enhances the sale of your products.

To Improve the Reliability Factor

Its important establish your brand as reliable. Each and every customer who is purchasing products from you now and anyone who might purchase your products later should have faith in you if they are to proceed with their shopping.

The simplest way to achieve this is by retaining a good relationship with your customers. Reaching out to them once in a while with newsletters, offers or discounts will make them prefer you over other brands.

To Gain Credibility in Social Media

Social media has become one of the most efficient influencers of E-Commerce. Most people can’t wait to share their slightest of experience in their social media profiles. If they enjoy something they say it and if they didn’t like something they announce it.

With a very good customer service management sysyem , you can easily rule social media. Remember that social media profiles can make and break you any time. So beware and do the best to keep your customers satisfied.

To Provide A Personalized Experience

In your digitalised and automated E-Commerce platform, perhaps, customer service is the one the thing that you can make more personal. The feeling of actual people helping you out in an otherwise automated system feels good and keeps the customers motivated to buy more.

Therefore, the kind of communication you have with your customers is also very important. Everyone may not be naturally good at speaking with compassion but this being said, if you are planning to have a personal conversation with a customer, then patience and tenderness should be the sound of your words.


However much we market ourselves digitally, word of mouth is never to be ignored upon. People believe what their fellow beings say and if they say it’s not good, then definitely it’s never good for them either. And remember, bad things spread faster than good things. So it’s better to make sure that your unhappy customers can easily reach back to you so that you can solve their issues even before they start to complain about you.

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