How to Improve Customer Service in E-Commerce.

Customer service is never a duty, it’s a responsibility that comes with what you charge for their purchase. A good online business doesn’t just sell goods but also stay responsible for the service they offer even after the product is sold. Customer service is as important as any other sector of your business.

Now the question is what you could possibly do to make your customers happy? Well, there are so many methods you could practise.

Know Your Customer

If you are to meet your customer’s expectations, then the first thing is to know what your customers expect. Understand what they need by doing a quick study on them. You can do this with the help of their social media profiles, past reviews and orders. With automation everywhere, this shouldn’t be a task at all.

Easy Access

It’s more than okay if your website looks simple as long as people can navigate inside it easily. You should understand that not every person who visits your website is a techie. So keep it simple. People tend to stay away from things that are too complex for them. The ideal E-Commerce websites are simple to use and easy to handle.

Focus On Multiple Channels

When you have so many options to stay available to your users, why limit to just one! Give people many options to contact you. Phone, E-mail or live-chat, let your users decide how to contact you depending upon their urgency. This also ensures your reliability.

Personalize Your Service

People love to get individual attention and if you could make each of them feel special amidst the ordinary, it will have a great impact. Provide b’day and anniversary discounts, convey your wish through E-mails, letters or even with small goodies. Also, it would be great if you could personally address your customer when you send an E-mail rather than addressing them as a group.

For eg, sending a mail addressed: ‘Helo John’ would look more pleasing than ‘Dear customer’. The latter also instantly gives away that it is just a broadcast mail that you probably have sent to hundreds.

FAQs and Product Catalogues

Not all customers prefer to contact you for every information. Some simply like to do things by themselves. Providing FAQs and product catalogues ensure that the customers have the information they seek for and hence they can independently complete the process much faster. This will save you a lot of time as well.

Consistency In Your Service

People always prefer a quick response to their queries. Once you are able to deliver this, then they expect it every single time. It’s easy to create an impression but difficult to maintain it. You succeed when you are able to manage your existing customers efficiently.

Easy Payments, Shipping, Return and Refund

When people need something they need it then. There is a sense of urgency in them. If you try to irritate them by dragging them to many gateway pages to make them pay, they will leave and will never come back. Similarly, don’t make them wait too long for the products that they eagerly paid for. They might not prefer you ever again.

Things bought online may not appear the same when they arrive. Things bought online might not be very appealing once you actually get the product. In such cases, people really like to get rid of it as soon as possible. The longer it stays with them, the more disappointed they are. So initiate quick refunds and returns. You don’t have much time before they start criticizing you. So be quick!

But whatever method you practise, the primary goal of yours should be to make your customers happy. Focusing on the impact of your service is secondary. If you genuinely help your customers only to make sure that they are happy with your service, then the results would be surprising but if they feel that you are helping them just for your own good, you are doomed.


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