Recommended Tools for CRM

Customer Relationship Management has become an inevitable part of every online business. But to manually look into the needs of each and every customer can be time consuming and expensive. With the ever-increasing customer flow, it even becomes impossible to keep a track on them. That is why we have CRM tools to undertake these tasks.


It helps you to centralize all the information gathered from a customer. Every time you contact a customer you have a track record to refer to. You might not necessarily remember what you have spoken with them or you might not even be the one who had spoken with them previously and asking the customers the same questions again can irritate them. Zendesk helps you here by sorting this issue out.

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot enables you to build a detailed company and contact profile. A single dashboard is shared by each team member to ensure that all of them are on the same page, updated about the latest activities in the company. It can also be connected directly to all points of customer contact like phone, email, website etc.

Salesforce Essential

It gives you quick access to each of your customers. The landing page has all the required details about a customer making your job easy. They also provide you with an app so that you have every information at your fingertip, no matter where you are.

It helps you maintain and manage the pipeline on your customer. The major advantage is that it lets you focus on your more profitable customers with graphs and sales reports. It is highly recommended for international business as it is available in many currencies. It also perfectly integrates with other business applications.


Insightly is a preferred CRM tool that covers all the basic CRM functions like task management, pipeline management, contact management, customer support etc. It is suitable for small and large business. It neatly displays all the relevant information about the customers which makes it easy to manage everything.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a dedicated tool for CRM by the parent company Zoho. It performs all the major functions of CRM and even lets you automate the regular tasks. It is suitable for small and large business.


Nimble collaborate all your leads into one platform. It also provides information about your business contact from social media profiles. Nimble brings together all your contacts, calendar and communications for easy tracking. It also helps you focus on the important functions of business like customer engagement, data organization etc.

Most of the CRM tools provide free trial packages in the beginning. So it is wise to try out a few before finalizing the best one suitable for your business. Here, the term ‘best’ stays relative to your purpose, ie, your preferred mode of communication and requirements.

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