SEO: The Art Of Staying On Top

SEO or Seach Engine Optimization is a set of strategies that you practise to bring more traffic to your website by gaining Google’s trust.

What is SEO.

When someone Google’s something, Google just doesn’t provide some random results but actually recommends only ‘The Best’ results to them. So if you want Google to promote you then you will have to prove that you indeed have something worth promoting.

If you have watched this video you understand how a Search program runs on the internet. So now our big question is how do we include ourselves in these Search results.

How does Google decide if you are among the best?

Google gives every webpage a scorecard for each feature they project. When you search for something online, related pages with the highest scorecards are displayed. If you want to be best then you have to improve your score.

Of all the factors that Google considers before determining your page’s worth, the 3  most important ones are your content quality, reliability and your authority. These are the 3 major scorecards you will have to focus upon.

SEO major points


Producing highly informative fine quality content pages is one of the best existing SEO strategies. But along with quality content, short and long tails keywords should be included in abundance. But be careful to not make it look awkward and obvious. If you have more repetitions of keywords, the value of your scorecard increases. If you can offer something that is engaging to your users they tend to spend more and more time on your website. The time they spend on your website is directly proportional to your scorecard value. If your bounce rate is high, ie, if people hurry out of your website easily then Google considers you as unworthy. If you can get your users to go through your web pages by taking their own sweet time then you are already a step ahead of your competitors.

Building Trust

As your webpage holds high relevancy and accuracy, other websites start referring to your contents. Eventually, when they realize that you are the best among everyone they start linking your web pages to theirs. Google takes this a sign of trust that others have on your website. So by increasing the number of backlinks to your website you are directly being a platform for more traffic and also indirectly becomes more trustworthy to Google. Hence it gives you the much-needed push that takes you to the forefront.

Being an Authority

It usually takes a while to become an authority among your competitors. It comes with a lot of efforts.  People should be aware of your brand’s existence. Hence you have to be available online by being active on social media platforms. This is how you create a fanbase. Do not hesitate to ask for testimonials and reviews. As the human interactions in your website increase so do your scorecard’s value.

So when you think about it SEO is nothing but a few strategies to gain Google’s confidence so that Google pushes you to the front page of any search results. Here, you simply need to prove to the search engine that you have the best contents that are actually helpful for your users by being unique, popular and engaging.

On Page and Off Page SEO

driving traffic into website

While On Page or On-Site SEO has more to do with what is there in your web page, Off Page SEO concentrates on your website’s external appearances. Among the 3 major factors discussed above, quality contributes to On Page SEO while being trustful and authoritative are aspects of Off-Page SEO.

With innovative and reliable quality contents you can become one of the best ‘on-site SEO performance’ website. Another important criterion of the On-Page SEO is your webpage loading speed. You have to have a high loading speed if you want your webpage to come up anywhere on the internet. A few other important criteria are short and long-tail keywords, captions and titles, URL and alt text for images. ( Alt text for the image is the description that you assign to your web page images. It is not visible to your readers but can be decoded by Search Engines.)

Off-site SEO can be increased by ascending the backlinks to your website. You can increase links to your website by sharing your contents through social media platforms or even by guest blogging on other websites so that it ultimately connects to your website.

While on-site Seo decides what you rank for, off-site SEO determines how high your ranking should be. For a website to function well, both on-site and off-site websites are equally important.

As you dig deeper into each of these strategies, you unfold huge possibilities of creating outstanding web contents.

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